Businesses of Bayview:

Make it a date! When you’re coming down to get your hair done, why not make a night of it?!?! Here are some great places to check out down here!

Riviera Maya:
Great mexican food, and the margaritas aren’t too shabby either!

Cafe Corazon:                                                                                          Proudly providing Milwaukee with locally sourced Mexican dining!

Cafe LuLu’s:
Chill atmosphere, great food.

Babe’s Ice Cream:
Go on…cheat a little! It’s worth it!

Cafe India Bar & Grill:                                                                                        Contemporary restaurant offering dining experiences to satisfy all the aspects of fine Indian cuisine.

Cafe Centraal:
The food is great, especially the sweet potato fries! (Webmaster: I love the Bayview Belt!)

Stone Creek Coffee:
Get your fix before your appointment…it’s just a block away!

Colectivo Coffee – Bay View:                                                            A Milwaukee staple and familiarity!

Soup Market:
Always a big variety everyday, plus some great sandwiches too! Fast and easy right across the street from us!

Transfer Pizza:
Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love this joint! The food! The atmosphere! The food! Love it!

Great bar that’s perfect for any age…as long as they’re over 21!

Sparrow Collective:
Great group of artists bringing their work together! Great variety!

For more shopping, food, and activity ideas visit!


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